Important Information About Our eBooks

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Important Information About Our eBooks

It is important to note that as the first part of the process of purchasing eBooks from us, you will be adding them to a separate basket to that which accepts paper books. Hence if you buy a mixture of both you will have to then check out twice. This is because we require payment via Worldpay at the point of ordering for eBooks, whilst books are still sent out on invoice.

When you purchase eBooks you will receive an email from us with links in to download the eBook in the format of your choice - mobi, ePub or pdf. Be aware that once you have made your selection you cannot go back and download it again in another format. This would require a separate purchase. Clicking on the link downloads the eBook to your device which supports email - most likely your computer. From here you can load your eBook onto as many other devices as you wish.

Kindle users please note that eBooks should be downloaded in the mobi format, preferably to the hard drive of your computer. From here they can be very easily transferred to your Kindle as follows:

1. Connect your Kindle to your computer with the USB cable that came with your Kindle. Your Kindle should then appear on your computer in the same location you would normally find an external USB drive.

2. Drag and drop the eBook file(s) to the "Documents" folder located on the hard drive of your Kindle. When finished use your computer's eject feature to safely remove your Kindle.

Users of Apple devices eg. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as other eReaders eg. Nook, should download eBooks in the ePub format. The saving and syncing process is essentially the same as for the Kindle. Note that if you have the Kindle app running on an Apple device, you can choose a mobi format download and use the file sharing feature within iTunes to read it on the Kindle app.

The same procedure should be used if downloading eBooks in pdf format as for the mobi format. This easily transfers them to handheld devices like the Kindle. But they are most suitable if intended to be retained on the computer and read via Adobe Reader or equivalent.

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